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Jason forest

Individual & Small Group Experiences

His medicine experiences include:

  • A comfortable, private setting nestled in nature near the ocean.

  • Medical Qigong Energy work, which is essential for preparation and integration.

  • Evaluation of what your current life and healing dream is.

  • A closure Mandala and develop a document with your own "Credo" of who you are, how you will live now, and concertize the ceremony and process, so you are that person moving forward.

  • He will be working with you during the process as guided to open and engage relevant issues contributing to your overall challenges and to free you to have the awakening and realizations needed to heal and step into your authentic self and expression of yourself.

  • He will use his spiritual/shamanic abilities to connect to your soul and get guidance as to what to do to help your brain, body, emotions, and mind come into harmony; and gather any other relevant information he can use to help you heal and guide you into your full expression of yourself.

  • Delicious and nourishing meals made with organic, locally sourced ingredients

  • He will incorporate breathwork, sound healing, and meditation if needed to make sure you are getting everything you need to get the most out of your experience. 


Jason is committed to providing you with a transformative experience that ensures your safety, comfort, and enjoyment. When you feel secure and grounded, you can lean deep into the medicine experience and find that which you are seeking and create deep transformation. 

Re-disover who you are and
reconnect with self

Jason's integrative plant medicine experience is a private and personalized retreat, ranging anywhere from half a day to three days, depending on the individual's needs, for individuals who are committed to transformation, healing on a deeper level, connecting to their inner wisdom and guide, and gaining a deeper sense of knowing of who they are - their purpose and desires.


In a safe and peaceful environment, you can explore the mysterious and magical world of plant medicine while being supported by a compassionate, highly experienced medicine man. He will meet you at your own pace and provide you with a truly transformative experience that will connect you back to your life force no matter what intention you have for your transformation work.

Common conditions that Jason
works with

Jason Meditating

PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Manic behavior, opioid addiction, alcoholism, prenatal and postnatal trauma, suicidal thoughts, arthritis, and neurological disorders.

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What you get inside your experience

What you get inside your experience

During this incredible, transformative experience, you will get the following:
  • Sacred medicine - what will be served depends on the individual's needs and current situation

  • Integration Packet

  • A closure Mandala tailored to the individual's needs for optimal healing

  • Medical Qigong Energy Work

  • Breathwork and Vibrational Bodywork

  • Restorative connection, conversation, and integration

  • Nourishing and refreshing organic, whole fool meals prepped and served to you with love

  • An experience tailored to your needs and intentions

  • Private and small group experiences available

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