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Private Intensive Healing Retreat

We all have the capacity to experience optimal health and happiness, but when we carry unresolved pain and trauma, life can become a constant struggle. You may suffer from serious emotional and psychological issues as a result of stored trauma, and it can be exhausting just to take care of daily responsibilities and keep yourself afloat.

You may have tried weekly trauma therapy, online coaching, meditation, or other mental health counseling services but thought they did little to address your underlying issues. You need something deeply profound and transformative, a powerful and immediate shift in your consciousness so you can live in alignment with your values and dreams. 

Jason specializes in private intensive healing retreats that offer significant results in days, not years.

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Nothing gets your life back on track as quickly or effectively as an Intensive Healing Retreat. Jason's retreat offers better results than a year of weekly trauma therapy, saving you an enormous amount of time and money.

You will be guided through a variety of healing modalities (Medical Qigong, Plant Medicine Therapy, Archetype Coaching, etc.) where you'll get in touch with the core feelings and memories that have been disrupting your life, allowing you to successfully process challenging emotions and learn coping skills so you can move forward with the confidence and trust you need.

The amount of days you need depends on the severity of your issue, your emotional stability, and your ability to process.

Jason's retreat allows you to address multiple problems over a large block of time without life’s daily interruptions.

Think of Jason's retreat as a type of “emotional surgery."  You and Jason go in and clean up all the hurt which led you to feel and believe things about yourself that have never been true.

These types of hurts (emotional wounds) often lead to self-sabotaging behaviors and living a life that may seem great to others on the outside, but on the inside, you feel like a freaking mess and think "if only they knew just how damaged I really am."   

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You will reap the benefits of :

  • Clarity - Drawing clearer distinctions regarding present connections, situations, and future directions.
  • Direction - Seeing the possibilities available to you so that you are able to choose which path is best.
  • Focus - Concentrating on what's truly important personally, professionally, and spiritually in  life​
  • Doing Successful Things - Concentrating on what's going to have the desired impact; learn techniques to effectively manage desire-will in relationships
  • Doing Things Successfully - Concentrating on efficiency and delegation; first things first!​
  • Commitment - Full investment into the process and goals necessary for the desired outcome.
  • Support from Others - Working with a dependable support network; learn to align your interests with others.
  • Work and Play Balance - % of Work vs. Play ratio improves
  • Communication - Speaking and listening at a deeper level.
  • Cooperation - Synergy becomes a way of doing business and life.
  • Energy - Less Stress. Situations and people are dealt with more effectively eliminating time and energy parasites.
  • FUN! - Activities become more enjoyable for everyone involved.​
  • Learn techniques to balance and harmonize your living and work environment.
  • Learn how to CONNECT and RECEIVE guidance from your SOUL.
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Jason's promise to you:

  • Structure to keep you focused, on track, clear, accountable, and successful
  • A confidential environment for discussion where challenges are shared, brainstorming occurs and problems are put to rest
  • Support to identify the need to improve and sharpen skills
  • Clarity and awareness about how your values influence everything you do
  • Direction on use of materials and cutting-edge technologies to support top-quality growth
  • Opportunity to hone and refine critical thinking skills, analyze situations
  • Co-create strategies to effectively implement win-win outcomes​

What kind of problems could a Healing Retreat help?

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Grief

  • Digestive Issues

  • Attachment wounds

  • Anger outbursts

  • Emotional reactivity

  • Chronic Diseases/Illnesses

  • Musculoskeletal Pain

  • Mid-Life Crisis

  • Please Note: Long-standing and complex issues may require more time.  

Where Do I Stay?

Jason has his clients stay at his Heaven House in charming Carmel, California, nestled in nature near the ocean. Jason's house is specifically built for intensive deep healing work, with a fully equipped cold plunge and infrared sauna. 
For more information, please schedule a complimentary consultation with Jason. 

What Jason's clients are saying:

Last year was the most potent and transformational period of my life. It’s even not comparing with the time when I changed my life completely, my job, circle of friends, and the city. I had a year of different projects and travels when I had to change cities every 2-3 days. In the end, the war. It was a year of endless stress. In the end, my body said «no.» And I said goodbye to life. The ability to see and reflect all the beauty of the world through photography was my superpower, my best weapon. But I felt so powerless for the last months. My body was rejecting me. Many symptoms were not connected with each other. Five different diagnoses. It turned out that medicine is powerless. I couldn’t talk to anyone or even do simple actions. I needed help.


I met Dr.Jason. He was my last hope. Three weeks of healing, treatment, personal coaching,  unconditional love, and care. Not only supplements, medications, diet, and changes in the routine of the day. I had cold plunge almost every day, energy work, art-therapy sessions, and many, many hours of talks with him. I learned from Jason his wisdom that life is an endless process of healing and acceptance. I’ve always been that person who's given to others. But Jason showed that someone could care about me also. Priceless experience. And even if the pain in my life is not ended, I changed my attitude toward it. Now I know that life is a healing process. He taught me the difference between "aloneness" and "loneliness" and to live in alignment with my dream and my values. And every day, I remind myself of his phrase: «Your “yes” has no value until you learn to say “no.” I am pleased to meet him on my way and to learn from him. I feel his support deep in my heart. Thank you for every minute of healing.

-Kate K

Intensely powerful medical qi gong session yesterday with Jason. Honestly sometimes with the Qi gong treatments I really don’t know what’s exactly going on, I just roll with it and generally feel a lot better after. This one was different. I strongly felt the application of the talisman and rooting into the low dan tiens as it was occurring. After the treatment I felt a profound opening effect, internal calming demeanor, a really big burst in energy, as well as a really increased perceived level of intuition and connection to spirit. It felt as if the treatment supercharged the in and outpouring of unconditional love and infinity to and from my vessel in connection with the limitless of the universe (which would make a lot more sense if you were to see the specificities symbol used). Thank you for your magic my dear friend! I will be back for more treatments.

-Justen Lee


I’m incredibly grateful for the coaching I received from Jason. His depth and breadth of knowledge is truly unparalleled. His professionalism and commitment to his clients is something I have yet to see with any other coach I’ve worked with or observed. It seems as though Jason has a solution for every problem. His solutions are never intellectual but always come from a place of authentic experience, which I value highly. Every single time I met with Jason I felt a true sense of upliftment, centeredness, and clarity. My personal, professional, and spiritual growth skyrocketed during our sessions together. He helped me with relationship issues, career issues, spiritual issues, emotional issues, physical injuries. The amount of help I received in such a short amount of time was astounding. I always finished a session with more clarity about my life and the directions of my life. My body experienced tremendous healing I didn't even know it needed, which is a true testament to Jason’s skills as a therapist and healer. There simply wasn’t a question I felt uncomfortable about asking, and I always received an answer that was practical and helpful. If you are considering hiring Jason for any type of work be it for exercise, therapy, healing, you name it, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WORKING WITH JASON, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

-Tucker Newman


You will be blown away. One of the most special people that I have ever met . . . at times, you will pinch yourself because you can't believe that he's the real deal. But he is, and the complete package he offers has helped me tremendously with nutrition, strength, flexibility, and overall happiness. He teaches you how to better love yourself.


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