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Low Back Pain! What’s Missing? 

What influences the lower back? I found for example when a woman's premenstrual and the uterus is inflamed they experience chronic back pain, their legs get weak and their core stability shuts down because the uterus reflexes through the entire sciatic distribution all the way to the toes right to the belly button.

It affects the sub occipital region and women oftentimes have a hard time keeping their atlas in position when they’re premenstrual because of the affects of estrogen and the atlas is the most unstable vertebra in the body. So if your structure is not well aligned it pops out, pinches the spinal cord and causes all sorts of problems.

What causes menstrual regulation? Diet and lifestyle factors, caffeine, processed sugar etc. So I started seeing patterns when a woman has a uterus problem that you cannot fully rehab them from say an ACL injury if their uterus is inflamed because they can’t stabilize if you have back problems because the organs have a reflex control of the muscles. I’ve learned this by studying Byron Robinson MD’s book The Abdominal and Pelvic Brain. The autonomic nervous system is designed so that whenever there’s inflammation or stress in an organ it will down regulate the flow of blood to any muscle on the same nerve channel because organs borrow their neurons from the muscular skeletal system which is why when a person is having a heart attack they feel the pain in their chest and in the left arm. No one says my heart hurts. The uterus borrows its sensory nerve endings from the lower segments of the sympathetic chain system which feed the legs for example and the lower abdomen in the back.

So what Robinson showed way back then is that if there’s ever a competition between muscles and organs for blood supply, nutrients and waste removal the autonomic system will starve out the muscles to make sure that the organs and glands have maximum opportunity to heal. My point is you cannot effectively rehabilitate any musculoskeletal problem without a complete analysis of the gland and organ functions because they control the musculoskeletal system. One out of every three back pain patients had an ocular dysfunction. They either had a visual dysfunction or an imbalance in their eye muscles and the eye muscles control the entire musculoskeletal system. All you have to do is hook someone up to a 32 channel EMG, bolt their head and whole body and whatever direction they look that whole EMG fires up. If you look up all the extensors turn on, if you look down all the flexors turn on, you look left every muscle that rotates you to the left turns on, it pre-facilitates the whole motor system.

So if you have an imbalance in your eyes it will induce a musculoskeletal imbalance and it will throw the whole system off. Here’s another thing, the eye muscles are striated skeletal muscles so they’re susceptible to fatigue just like any muscle you exercise. So if your eyes don’t rest in parallel binocular vision they become exhausted and you get terrible trigger points in your eyes which people refer pain right into their brain and shut down circulatory systems in the brain and cause reflex changes in the autonomic system that shut internal systems down.

What is more powerful than the eyes? Behold I found research showing every time you have malocclusion your body will change the position of your head to try and get your teeth to fit together. You open and close your mouth on average 4,000 times a day. So I have a question for you? If your teeth don’t fit together properly and you keep opening and closing, swallowing, eating and talking. How long do you have before you wear your teeth out? You probably have a couple of years as you watch the teeth shrink. I’ve studied a hundred cases of it! When you loose vertical dimension in your teeth your temper mandibular joint syncs up into the temporal bone and compresses the neurovascular supply to the temporal mandibular joint and now you get degenerative changes in the joint and tremendous pain. So if anything affects the eyes that affects the neck and the jaw. If anything affects the jaw it affects the eyes and the neck. The eyes, neck, jaw and the vestibular system are all wired together and they control everything below your head! BOOM!

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