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Is a Long Term Vegan & Vegetarian Diet Safe?

vegetarian green salad

Before I get started, remember one person’s truth is not another person’s truth. The truth is only the truth because it’s working in your life and that should be the basis of my discussion I’m sharing with you. First and foremost almost anybody that switches to a vegetarian or a vegan diet will see a significant improvement in skin quality, energy and overall vitality. Why? Well first it’s a clean diet, second there’s a significant reduction in animal flesh but we must remember that almost all the animals eaten in the world are grown in commercial farms. Only 4-6% of all the food eaten in the world is organic. So what does that mean? You got to remember that animals are bio accumulators, on average it takes six pounds of vegetable matter to make one pound of animal flesh. If you’re eating an animal that was raised on a commercial farm where they feed them engine oil, saw dust, plastic chips, dead animal parts and sewage. All that stuff is fed to commercial animals because it’s cheap and anytime an animal brings in more toxins then they can metabolize, the liver shuttles the toxins off into fat. How do they sell animals to make money? By the pound, they don’t do body fat checks on cows to say okay I’m really only going to pay you so much for this animal because it’s such a percent in fat. Since you can make an animal sick and fat very quickly you can make an animal heavy very quickly which increases the bottom line. Most of the people that are getting all these benefits from vegetarian and vegan diets don’t realize actually what they’re getting is the benefits of detoxification. When you stop eating meat and you go on one of those diets you naturally are forced into more variety because how many people just eat the same foods all day. The next thing you know you’re eating salads and a wide variety of vegetables which means you’re getting a large variety of nutritional resources allowing your body to extract what it needs from the plant and bring your baseline levels of nutrition particularly plant nutrition which most people are low on up to optimal levels. Improving brain function, detoxification and even your sexual function can improve if your level of toxicity was suppressing your normal androgens due to the fact that a sick body is a tired body. Once you reach the point where the therapeutic benefits of the diets have been achieved you’re now going into protein deficiency. You cannot make androgens because androgens are made first from cholesterol and your primary source of cholesterol is animal flesh protein. The primary building blocks of all energetic hormones are fat, cholesterol and protein. If a person does not have a healthy digestive system, they cannot extract protein out of the fiber in plants. We must remember we’re as different on the inside as we are on the outside. Body typing, genetics and environment all play a critical role in determining what your nutrient needs are from day to day and moment to moment. You see people going on these diets as athletes and they start losing muscle mass and their sex drive drops down because they don’t have enough androgen resources in order to meet the requirements of repairing the body and grow to meet the demands of the environment. The real secret is never to have a fixation on any diet and always to be open to experiencing the side-effects, positive or negative of the diet. In a nutshell of what I’ve said is that the main reason vegetarian and vegan diets have such a good rap is because people feel so much better on them but instead of the idea that it’s bad to eat animals , being the driving energy source. What it really should be is it’s bad to eat sick animals and it’s bad to eat animals that have been raised in humanely. The key point that I want to point out here is that the human being is the only creature on the planet that can ultimately make changes in our planet or in our environment for the better. If a person’s eating a vegetarian or a vegan diet and it’s making them lose vitality than to that degree their capacity to make changes in the world is also going down. If you’re actually eating in a way you call healthy but it’s contributing to your own demise, you’re diminishing your capacity to help other people find health and vitality. It’s far better to just have a much more holistic open-minded philosophy, what is the best thing for me to achieve my potential as a human being because when I’m happy and healthy I’m most capable of loving. When I’m most capable of loving I’m most capable of creating effectively and when I’m most capable of creating effectively I’m the most conscious I can be and therefore I have the greatest potential to help myself and others in the world achieve that same state of well-being.

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