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Meet Jason

Jason is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, specializing in corrective, high-performance exercise kinesiology. Jason takes an integrative approach to health – focused on restoring balance to the body, through lifestyle, mindset, and spiritual direction. He is passionate about helping clients uncover the root cause of their health issues, supporting them as they transform their dreams into reality and create an empowered life they love. 

Traveling the world as a competitive motocross racer and professional cyclist for over 14 years, Jason understands first-hand the importance of properly conditioning and caring for the body in order to achieve peak performance. During his years as a professional athlete, he struggled with chronic life-threatening injuries and developed severe digestive and cognitive issues that were misdiagnosed by Western medicine. 

This forced Jason to take his health into his own hands. Through extensive research and working closely with Paul Chek, Jason was able to heal his body holistically, through the very same methods and principles that he now teaches his clients. Jason’s own health journey inspired him to pursue continuing education at CHEK Institute, receiving certifications as a CHEK Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

Jason soon discovered the power of plant medicine therapy. Having participated in a great number of ceremonies for himself and studied extensively with several highly skilled medicine facilitators, his passion for helping others grew, and he shifted his holistic wellness practice to be centered around integrative plant medicine therapy where he integrates medical qigong energy work with plant medicine. He was able to experience the amazing visions, profound and unmatched peace, connection to self, and healing of deep-rooted trauma. The impact was profound and deep; it ignited a passion and a desire to provide others with this transformative experience. His connection to his purpose became apparent, and he now helps others to be able to experience the same in a safe and guided space.

While he still offers his holistic wellness services, his main focus is now on providing integrative plant medicine therapy experiences.

Jason Gandzjuk

My Story

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