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Medicine Balls

Are you looking to bring exercise & movement back into your life, but don't know where to start?

Do you know that you need to get moving but can't find the motivation to get started? 

Are you looking for a way to step into a healthier, happier version of yourself and start working on your mind and body wellness?


Do you love being with a group of people and draw motivation from those around you?

Do you want to get out of the house and workout in a safe, clean and calming environment?



If you said yes, then  our group fitness classes are for you.

What you will gain from these smaller group workouts


  • More Personal Attention – With a smaller group of participants in each class, there is time to give each person individualized instruction and training.

  • More cost effective -  still get personal attention, even if 1:1 training is out of budget

  • Motivation - having others there working out with you, will give you an extra push 

  • Accountability - working in a group will keep you accountable and help you to show up even on the days you may not feel as motivated to do so.

  • Structure - planned workouts led by Jason mean you just have to show up and be committed to the work, no planning required on your part.


I am a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, specializing in corrective, high-performance exercise kinesiology. Jason takes an integrative approach to health – focused on restoring balance to the body

What to expect from our group fitness workouts

Group fitness workouts offer hands-on training with the most effective functional workouts. 


Jason’s group fitness classes are set up to cater to groups of 3-4 people who can either exercise together or train individually in a group setting. So, you get all the benefits of group fitness training, while still getting individualized attention. Taking part at Jason’s home gym and coaching facility enables you to take advantage of professional hands-on instruction and educated coaching.

Participate and experience a challenging arrangement of fun workouts as you pursue your individual goals and needs.  Jason takes pride in assisting men and women across the Carmel, California and surrounding areas of all levels in obtaining authentic results and sustainable success!

Classes are 60 minutes in duration and run every Wednesday at 5:00 pm and Saturday at 9:30 am.

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Or save with a 5 or 10 class pass 

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