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Are you an elite athlete looking to increase performance?

Are you ready to level up your performance and take it to the next level?

Not sure how to begin or how to push yourself and would benefit from accountability and support?

Do you want to push past plateaus and minimize injury and recovery time?

If you said yes, my tailored Elite Performance Training Program is for you.

What you will gain from working with me in this capacity


  • A deeper understanding of your mind, body and spirit and how they are connected

  • A knowledge of what you need to fuel your system from a nutrition perspective so you are performing at your peak, including what, when and how to eat

  • A growth mindset that will help you to stay focused and push, even on the days that feel harder to show up on

  • How to properly train your muscles in a safe and effective way and allow for proper recover to prevent injury


I am a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, specializing in corrective, high-performance exercise kinesiology. Jason takes an integrative approach to health – focused on restoring balance to the body. Traveling the world as a competitive motocross racer and professional cyclist for over 14 years, Jason understands first-hand the importance of properly conditioning and caring for the body in order to achieve peak performance.

What to expect from my Elite Performance Training

In this program you will work alongside me as I arm you with essential tools that will restore your body to optimal function by addressing the six foundational pillars of health: Breathing, Thinking, Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, and Hydration. 

We will look at these key areas

  • Performance

  • Mindset

  • Injury Care and Prevention

  • Goal Setting

  • Nutrition

This program consists of 10 hours of coaching and an extensive assessment and evaluation so I can custom design and tailor to your unique and specific needs.

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Your Investment

This comprehensive program is priced at $2500. 

Please Note: Behavior and lifestyle changes take time and require consistent support. In some cases, additional sessions may be needed to achieve optimal results. Additional sessions may be purchased at Jason’s hourly rate of $200, with an option for additional, multi-session packages offered at a discounted rate. 

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